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AHS Committee


Christine Jennings

Affiliations: CDA, DAA, DONA

Christine has been a Birth Doula in the Calgary and surrounding area for almost a decade. Christine also worked at the Alberta Association of Midwives for several years. In that role she had many dealings with AHS and other stakeholders. She is comfortable in the formal meeting setting, and has great knowledge of proper governance. She is well spoken. She listens well. She has the ability to see issues from many different angles. Being a mother of two young children, Christine has experienced Maternity Care as a consumer as well as a doula.

I am confident that Christine will represent Alberta doulas with grace and wisdom. I whole heartedly recommend Christine to sit on the AHS Committee.

Courtney Peachy/ Wagiya Ta

Affiliations: Indigneous Birth of Alberta.

Wagiya Ta is a knowledgeable, well spoken cultural birth keeper. Plays an active role in Indigenous Birth of Alberta, and the Doula Association of AB. There NEEDS to be Indigenous Representation in these conversations. Wagiya Ta is committed to Indigenous birthing families, and advocacy for their rights. I would really like to see her present in these conversations, and for Indigeneous Birthkeepers to have a voice there.

Kristle Gage

Affiliations: DAE, DAA

I would like to nominate myself for a role on this committee. Coming from a high level corporate leader role, I have spent many years leading change and developing best practices within my departments while working with different aspects of my organization. I have lead my teams through starting departments from scratch, to merging companies on three separate occasions. 


I am a critical thinker, I do not take sides in problem solving, and I do not believe in “what has always been done is what we should do”. I like efficiency and practices that satisfy the needs of all involved.


My project management skill set would also provide a huge benefit to this committee as I am well versed in organizational change management, communicating the roll out of new policies and ensuring that teams are kept up to date with the progress of projects.


My role on the board for the Doula Association of Edmonton has positioned me favourably as a great candidate for this committee as I am well versed in the concerns my local Doulas have, and can help find reasonable solutions to benefit all.


Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to working with you.

Lindsey Van Der Lee

Affiliations: CDA and DAA

Lindsey is such a calm and kind hearted woman.  She used to work in the corporate world and now has found her true calling as a Doula.  She loves to advocate for her clients and takes great pride in her work.

There is no better person for this position as her knowledge and calm demeanor can change the world.  In her corporate past she was in charge of negotiations on huge clients/deals and handled them with ease.

Lindsey is someone you want advocating for you as she is very professional and holds herself to a high standard.

Vote for Lindsey!

Heather Hill

Affiliations: Doula Association of Alberta, DONA International, Matrona Holistic Doula, Balanced Birth Doula & Photography, Registered Social Worker (Inactive) Alberta College of Registered Social Workers

Heather Hill has been a DONA certified doula practicing in Edmonton for 10 years.  She operates Balanced Birth Doula & Photography and is also a Registered Social worker (inactive member), Childbirth and Lactation Educator, Photographer and Yoga Instructor.  Heather has a passion for birth work and a deep desire to help promote our role in the birth community.  In past years Heather was the Public Relations Chair and Chairperson of the Doula Association of Alberta.  As a social worker for 12 years prior to doula work, she has worked extensively within systems and tries to bring a solution focused approach to improving services for families.  Her experience with policy and bureaucracy  will benefit the AHS Committee.  As a member, Heather will be able to advocate for Doulas working in the realm of AHS, and will be guided by her passion for informed, person centered care for birthing families.

Mary-Lynne Stauble

Affiliations: CDA, The Pregnancy & Infant Loss centre, Lamaze, past labour and delivery/ NICU nurse nurse.

Mary-Lynne is a birth and postpartum doula in Calgary/ Cochrane Alberta. Her previous experience as Labour and Delivery/ NICU nurse could be an asset to the the committee as she would bring a unique perspective, as well as help doulas focus our message in a way that would be well received to AHS. She is level headed, compassionate and passionate about doula support in Alberta.

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