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October 18, 2021 -- Working Group Update

On October 15, 2021, Alberta professional doulas reconvened as a Working Group with Women's Health representatives from Alberta Health Services (AHS) for a monthly discussion regarding collaborative maternity care environments.

Key conversation points were:

- The group will create a framework document which clearly establishes a doula's (unregulated) role within AHS acute care settings. This framework shall provide clarity and mutual understanding for AHS maternity care professionals around the competency and purpose of a doula as part of a care team.

- The rollout of this framework will include educational components (in-person or virtual meetings, online modules, videos, etc.) to deliver information around a doula's role and professional care standards to AHS perinatal professionals.

- New guidance around doula access to acute care sites is expected in the coming weeks. This will not be a policy revision, but will elaborate on reasonable justifications for denial of a patient's Second Designated Support Person (2DSP) in Maternity settings.

- As professional care team members in a healthcare environment, doulas are encouraged to share vaccination status when attempting access to acute care sites.

The Doula Association of Alberta will continue to discuss these and other professional matters in this ongoing Working Group. Any future updates to acute care site accessibility and public health guidance will be released by the DAA as necessary.

------------------------------------- For more information: Lindsey Bowns Public Relations Manager, Doula Association of Alberta Media Cell: 403.971.8499 Email:

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