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Board of Directors


Milly Friedman

Milly is a respected leader in the birth community and is truly honoured to be the President of the Doula Association of Alberta. She has worked over 15 years as a business owner and entrepreneur, including the last six years as a certified birth doula. Milly is a fetal positioning specialist, Spinning Babies parent educator, certified personal fitness trainer, and nutrition coach. Her foundation of practise is listening and learning; honouring inclusivity, culture and diversity. She is a dynamic, proactive and highly organized person and is known to manage stressful and crisis situations with a calm and methodical demeanour. Milly believes in a balanced lifestyle and is committed to being her best self at work, home and in the community. You can find Milly enjoying the outdoors with her family no matter the weather. She feels grateful to live in this abundant province and enjoys experiencing all it has to offer. 

President. She/Her.

April Fermaniuk

Vice President. She/Her.

April Fermaniuk is a local yeg bossbabe and owner of Edmonton Area Family Doulas agency. She is a wife to the most supportive doula husband ever, and mother of three tiny humans, and the cutest Bernedoodle ever. A certified birth and postpartum doula for over 5 years, April is honored to guide families through the life changing journey of having a baby and adjusting to life with a newborn. She absolutely loves teaching newborn care and prenatal education classes.Fun facts! April apologizes for everything, all the time. She is an active (alumnae) fraternity girl with Alpha Gamma Delta. April also spent several years working as a military reserve officer working army cadets (youth). She also HATES socks, and much to the chagrin of her husband, so do her children.On days when she’s at her computer returning emails you can find April sipping Chai Lattes out of her fav Prairie Chick Prints  mug and listening to music while she works. When she’s not running her business, April is spending time with her husband and their three incredible children having fun outside or watching movies.

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Membership Cordinator She/Her.


Christine Jennings

Treasurer. She/Her.

As a self-confessed birth enthusiast, a love of birth brought Christine to doula work. Baby snuggles are certainly the sweetest, but what has stuck Christine to this role is holding space for the deeply impactful transformation that happens during pregnancy and birth as parents are born. As a doula, helping people find their voice, define their autonomy, and supporting families in their agency is her jam. 


Christine been serving Calgary (and area) families and has been an active member of the doula community since taking her training in 2012. Christine strongly believes that being in community with other doulas is how we grow, so we may continue to know better and do better in every support capacity we find ourselves in.


Christine lives in Airdrie with her husband, their two magical children, her father, and their much beloved dog. She loves long walks in the woods, reading all the books, and holds an evergreen love for Harry Potter but a growing disrespect for JK Rowling. She makes a mean fried egg sandwich and loves her friends with fierce loyalty.

Heather Hill headshot.jpg

Heather Hill

Heather is a Certified DONA Birth Doula, living in Sherwood Park Alberta.  She is passionate about all things birth, family and parenting.  She has three teenage children, and found her passion for birth through her own birth experiences.  She has been practicing birth work since 2011, as birth doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator, birth photographer, and prenatal yoga instructor.  


Heather is happiest when she has found something to grow, nurture or create.  She often found  digging in her garden, holding babies and the hands of their parents, customizing some crafty inventions to make life simpler, or cooking and baking. 


Heather has taken on the role of Administrator with the Doula Association of Alberta.  Previously she has worked as a Social worker with Child and Family Services, and been involved on the board of the Doula Association of Edmonton.  She is pleased to be in this role with DAA, supporting the doula community to grow strong and improving experiences for all birthing families in Alberta.

Administrator. She/Her.

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