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Community Liaisons

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Rebekkah Traptow

Inclusion Liaison. She/Her.

Rebekkah Traptow is the proud mother of 3 littles, lovingly called “The Chaos Crew”. She lives in Red Deer, Alberta, and is excited to be a diversity and inclusion liaison for the Doula Association of Alberta! Rebekkah’s journey into birth work began after discussing her “ideal job” with a friend. She described how all she wanted to do was love on, encourage and provide practical support to parents as they grew their families. Turns out that perfectly describes Doula work!

Rebekkah is a Full Spectrum Doula, Breastfeeding & Childbirth Educator. She is the owner of Love First Maternal Support with which her mission is to offer families reliable, loving, and unbiased support through preconception, birth, and beyond. Rebekkah has also used her wide spectrum of education to equip and uplift Birth Workers in their businesses and providing inclusive, comprehensive education & support to their communities through her business The Birth Work Company.


“The way I approach maternal care is with a “love first” mindset. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your age, nationality, beliefs, or background is; I love and support you first.”


Rebekkah is looking forward to supporting the education and growth of the DAA and Doulas across Alberta!

Vicki Todd

Southern Liaison. She/Her.

My career in Lethbridge has been a trailblazing one, being one of the few doulas in the community when I began. 13 years later I’ve continued to be a leader in the birth community in Southern Alberta and as a Leader I’ve also created opportunities for new doulas to grow and learn.

Raised in a home of activism and social justice, the idea of empowering women so that they could have a better experience through birth drove me to become a doula. Every birth I’m present at honours the midwives in my ancestry.

Supporting local business is a passion of mine whether it’s delicious coffee, music festivals, or record stores. I have two cats and 2 very active boys and a very supportive partner.

I love doing this work. This HEART work, this hard work. I am always humbled when I'm asked to join someone in their labour and birth. Whether it’s teaching infant massage or Lamaze, supporting a birth, educating Partners about the process of birth so they can support their partners, I am fully committed to making sure new parents understand birth and their babies.

It has been an honor to work with the families of Southern Alberta over the years.


Christine Jennings

Calgary Liaison. She/Her.

As a self-confessed birth enthusiast, a love of birth brought Christine to doula work. Baby snuggles are certainly the sweetest, but what has stuck Christine to this role is holding space for the deeply impactful transformation that happens during pregnancy and birth as parents are born. As a doula, helping people find their voice, define their autonomy, and supporting families in their agency is her jam. 


Christine been serving Calgary (and area) families and has been an active member of the doula community since taking her training in 2012. Christine strongly believes that being in community with other doulas is how we grow, so we may continue to know better and do better in every support capacity we find ourselves in.


Christine lives in Airdrie with her husband, their two magical children, her father, and their much beloved dog. She loves long walks in the woods, reading all the books, and holds an evergreen love for Harry Potter but a growing disrespect for JK Rowling. She makes a mean fried egg sandwich and loves her friends with fierce loyalty.

Lindsey Bowns

Public Relations Manager. Calgary Liaison. She/Her.

Thoughtful. Encouraging. Kind, to a fault. Lindsey is that friend you call in the middle of the night when your heart and mind are racing and you need someone to slow things down.


She's also a girl-mom, a dog lover, a teacher of baby ballerinas, and a sweat-enthusiast. Need proof? - She wore running shoes during most of her own labor, WITH her hospital gown!


Her enthusiasm for birth, parenthood, and genuine friendships led her to doula work in 2019. Her modern, judgement-free outlook makes her feel like that funny friend who just happens to enjoy talking about placentas during pedicures and breastfeeding over brunch.

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April Fermaniuk

Central Liaison. She/Her.

April Fermaniuk is a local yeg bossbabe and owner of Edmonton Area Family Doulas agency. She is a wife to the most supportive doula husband ever, and mother of three tiny humans, and the cutest Bernedoodle ever. 

A certified birth and postpartum doula for over 5 years, April is honored to guide families through the life changing journey of having a baby and adjusting to life with a newborn. She absolutely loves teaching newborn care and prenatal education classes.

Fun facts! April apologizes for everything, all the time. She is an active (alumnae) fraternity girl with Alpha Gamma Delta. April also spent several years working as a military reserve officer working army cadets (youth). She also HATES socks, and much to the chagrin of her husband, so do her children.

On days when she’s at her computer returning emails you can find April sipping Chai Lattes out of her fav Prairie Chick Prints  mug and listening to music while she works. When she’s not running her business, April is spending time with her husband and their three incredible children having fun outside or watching movies.

Kristy Cooper

Social Media Manager. She/Her.

Kristy Cooper is a dedicated mama, wife, and birth doula who has found her bliss in the world of birthwork since 2017. As the founder of Little Doula on the Prairie, she provides unwavering support to birthing families in east central Alberta, ensuring they have the best possible birth experiences. In addition to her doula work, Kristy is also the Host of the popular Birthing on the Prairies podcast. Through this platform, she engages with Alberta families, capturing their unique and personal birth stories, and sharing them to inspire and educate others. With a deep commitment to her community, Kristy is passionate about helping doulas meet the growing need for labor support. Recognizing the power of social media, she utilizes these platforms to create meaningful relationships, connect individuals, educate expectant parents, and raise awareness within the birthing community. Kristy's dedication, warmth, and vast knowledge make her an invaluable resource for those seeking support and guidance throughout their birthing journey. Her passion for empowering families and advocating for their needs shines through in all aspects of her work.

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Krista White

North Liaison. She/Her.

Krista leads with kindness. As a mother, wife, and birth professional, she is nurturing, encouraging, and loving. Krista moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta, nearly 15 years ago to raise her family. She has two children, an extremely supportive spouse, and a zoo of pets. Being a birth and postpartum doula means long hours and many home visits, but her family is still top priority. 

Krista became a birth doula after having her second child. Her passion and focus are on improving maternal satisfaction and mother/child bonding, particularly after caesarean section. Her goals are to help new parents feel confident, empowered, and supported while giving birth and raising their children by being a resource and listening ear. She now works as a birth/postpartum doula, provides sibling care, as well as a prenatal, breastfeeding and Calm Birth Meditation educator. She has taken Doula Training through DONA, as well as completed other lactation, CBE, Prenatal Yoga and Meditation courses over the last 6 years. 

Chelsea Snelgrove

East Liaison. She/Her.

Chelsea is a mama to three, wife and entrepreneur. She’s been building her practice in the field of holistic and integrative health care for over 10 years. Her skill set includes the roles of BodyTalk practitioner, certified birth & postpartum doula, health advisor, and human design reader. 


Chelsea has been intuitively operating as a doula long before she became certified. As a patient care aide in a nursing home helping people as they transitioned from earth. Then as a sister and friend as people welcomed their babies earth side. You could say her support services have come full circle!


Chelsea feels totally at home in the birth world and is honored to be able to offer her combo of intuitive and evidence based guidance to every family she works with. 


She is excited to be the Eastern Zone Liaison and to support and grow with this amazing doula community. 

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