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For Immediate Release 04/30/2021

New unified support system for Alberta birth and family doula professionals


Birth, postpartum, and family support in Alberta has made a major leap forward through the emergence of a unified provincial association. The Doula Association of Alberta (DAA) launched for official membership on May 1, 2021. The paramount need for this association arose from the growing demand for doula care across the province, as well as the need for advocacy and leadership within the political and health care landscapes. A doula is a private caregiver who provides professional support to families before, during, and after birth. Through a multimodal and inherently respect-driven approach to support, doulas are capable of offering physical, emotional, and evidence-based informational support as well as hands-on education and caregiving, contributing to positive birth experiences, stability and calm during major changes to family dynamic, and maximum personal autonomy and informed consent. ​


Following the restriction of visitors and support workers to acute care sites in the province as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a small group of dedicated industry leaders from across Alberta gathered to create a framework of what was to become DAA. The idea to form a provincial doula association dates back many years, with the organization name having been registered decades ago. “What makes this time different,” says Milly Friedman, President of the Association, ”is the realization that we need to have a unified, professional voice in the health care conversation.” DAA will be that voice. DAA, a registered Alberta not-for-profit, seeks facilitate collaboration among doulas, educators, and healthcare professionals to optimize the accessibility of respectful, evidence-informed, and supportive care for families. Further, the Association will support its membership by facilitating professional development opportunities, and will serve consumers by creating reliable membership qualifications in an otherwise unregulated industry including training criteria, insurance status, and health and safety standards.


To accomplish this mission, the organization has set forth Standards of Practice including: Strives to provide a high level of care and support for the client and their family; Provides emotional, physical, and evidence-based informational support to clients; Does not give medical advice or diagnoses, perform clinical procedures, or administer medications; Respects the client’s autonomy by not speaking for them or making decisions on their behalf; Works collaboratively and respectfully with the other members of the medical care team.


“It has been encouraging to see how enthusiastically doulas across the province are embracing the organization,” says Rebekkah Traptow, Inclusion Liaison. “We have had a quick and energetic response from doulas representing all genres of unconditional personalized caregiving – from birth and postpartum doulas to fertility and loss doulas.”


DAA is actively seeking new members to join the organization. For more information on becoming a member, please contact the association at .




The Doula Association of Alberta is a registered not-for-profit under the Alberta Societies Act. The DAA facilitates collaboration among doulas, educators, and healthcare professionals to optimize the accessibility of respectful, evidence-informed, and supportive doula care in Alberta. The Association is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors.


For more information:

Lindsey Bowns

Public Relations Manager, Doula Association of Alberta

Media Cell: 403.971.8499 | Email:

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